Trash Pandas

Team 303:
Alec Wolf, Cecil Choi, Divyansh Khare, Jarrett Mao, Julie Khou, Ly Phung, Oliver Berggren, Stryker Buffington

  Left click drag for camera movement
  Right click drag for camera rotation
  Scroll wheel for camera zoom

Fat Trash Pandas is played by 3 players. Two are Trash Collectors, AKA the (Trash) “Humans”, and one is the
Trash Panda, AKA the “Raccoon”.
Game Objective:
The objective of both teams is to collect the most Trash.
Players decide on one person to be the Raccoon; the rest are Humans.
  ● Humans: Place a Human token on the Dump tile. Start with 1 Speed Boost token.
  ● Raccoon: Place a Raccoon token on the Den tile. Start with 3 Poop tokens.
Game Pieces:
The Dump Tile:
This is the Humans’ starting point. Humans return Trash tokens here after collecting them.
The Den Tile:
This is the Raccoon’s starting point. The Raccoon returns Trash tokens here after collecting them. The
Raccoon can also gain one additional Poop token each time they return here, carrying up to 5 total.
Cobbler Tile Tile:
If a Human is adjacent to a Cobbler Tile at the end of their turn, they gain a Speed Boost token.
Sewer Tiles:
When a Raccoon lands on this tile, they may choose to teleport to another Sewer tile of their choosing and then
must end their turn. Humans may land on a Sewer tile but cannot use them to teleport.
Character Tokens: (3)
Two Humans and one Raccoon.
Speed Boost Tokens: (2)
Humans use the Speed Boost tokens to boost their trucks. One Speed Boost token allows a Human to move two additional
hexes, and removes the Speed Boost from their inventory.
Poop Tokens: (9)
The Raccoon can place down a Poop token from their inventory on an adjacent open hex anytime during their
turn. Humans cannot move through Poop tokens, but the Raccoon can. A Human can take one full turn to
remove an adjacent Poop token.
Trash Tokens: (10)
All players aim to gain as many of these as they can. A player can take the Trash token from an adjacent tile and
add it to their inventory if they have space. Picking up Trash ends their turn.
Turns and Abilities:
Both Humans take their turns first, followed by the Raccoon. This process is repeated until the game ends.
  ● Each turn, the Raccoon can move 5 hexes.
    ○ For every 2 Trash in the Raccoon’s inventory, the Raccoon grows plump and loses one hex of
      movement. Example: The Raccoon has collected 2 Trash, and therefore can only move 4 hexes
      per turn. 4 Trash = 3 hexes, and so on.
  ● Raccoons can hold a max of 4 Trash and 5 Poop.
  ● Raccoons become scared when they are close to a Human. If a Human ends their turn adjacent to a
    Raccoon that is carrying any Trash, the Raccoon must immediately drop 1 Trash on the closest
    adjacent open hex of their choice.
  ● Poops may be placed on an empty adjacent hex anytime during the Raccoon’s turn.
  ● If the Raccoon is adjacent to the Den, they may return all their Trash. Their turn ends upon visiting the
  ● Each time they return to their Den, add 1 Poop to their inventory until all Poop tokens are placed on
    the map.

  ● Each turn, the Humans can move 2 hexes.
    ○ They may not move through Poop tokens, but they may remove any adjacent Poop token
      using one full turn.
  ● They can only hold 1 Trash and 1 Speed Boost at a time.
  ● Humans can scare the Raccoon, as described in the “Raccoon” section.
  ● If the Humans are adjacent to the Dump, they may return their Trash from their inventory, ending
    their turn.
Ending The Game:
The game ends when a team brings 5 Trash back to their corresponding Dump or Den.